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About Us

  is located in Houston, Texas. We were established in 2004.  We employ a professional staff to provide comprehensive services to our clients. No client is too small, or too large.  Whether you're an entrepreneur trying to keep up with your rapidly expanding business, or you're an established business with thousands of employees and various sales channels around the world, we have a solution for you..

Our proprietary WMS software has been developed to support the rapidly changing and fast pace of the e-commerce fulfillment industry.  We own our own code, so we can react faster to on-boarding your business and offer you unique solutions others can not.  We can accept orders via Email, FTP, EDI, API, phone and even Fax.  Our front-end order entry interface is tied directly to our inventory management and shipping systems resulting in real-time order tracking and inventory status.  Our systems also tie directly to our freight services allowing us to report tracking numbers and shipment costs daily in a variety of reports and on-line in our Online Order Tracking module.

Our reporting functions are designed to give our clients very easy to understand, accurate and timely reports. Reports can be provided in several formats such as Excel, delimited text, or Database formats.  Reports are available email, FTP, or right here on-line. email, FTP, or right here on-line.

We know every client is unique.  We've never met two companies that do business exactly the same way, and we don't expect them to.  It's our job to allow you to continue doing business in a way that makes you comfortable.  We'll integrate with your existing e-commerce webstores.  Below is a list of e-commerce stores that we've integrated with.  If you don't yet have a web store, we can recommend one to you.  We don't sell them, we just know which ones are the easiest to work in and communicate with.
If your system isn't listed, that doesn't mean we can't communicate with it.  It just means we haven't yet.

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5670 Guhn Road * Houston, Texas * 77040
Office: 713-861-0427  Fax: 713-861-0799