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 Reporting Services

We offer a variety of standard reporting features that allow our clients to track order status, shipping costs, processing costs, inventory status, and 

We can delivery report information to our clients in a variety of formats including:

* Excel files
* Tab delimited or CSV formatted Text files
* Hard copy via fax
* Right here on-line, via our Customer Login feature

Reports can be delivered via Email, Fax or FTP.

Our most popular method of delivery is via our On-line Order Tracking system.  Every package that we ship is published to a client specific web page.  Each completed order contains tracking numbers, freight costs, a list of parts included in the shipments,  order receipt date and shipping date.  Clients can search for specific order numbers or search based on a date range, then narrow their search to a specific order.  Real-time tracking information is only a click away with our on-line links to FedEx and UPS.

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