5 Benefits of E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Services


Whether you’re a seasoned seller or an e-commerce novice, you know the main challenge of the industry: getting products to your customers on time. As the industry grows, reliable shipping is key to staying competitive. Now is the time to optimize your supply chain.

Getting ahead in e-commerce may mean transitioning your in-house operations to a trusted partner. Here are some reasons to outsource shipping to our Houston e-commerce order fulfillment service center.

Cut Operational Costs

When running order fulfillment in-house, your business needs to store inventory in a warehouse, run logistical operations, and staff your fulfillment services. Outsourcing these functions cuts these costs. An order fulfillment partner will also leverage technology, such are warehouse management systems (WMS), which can automate processes and cut costs even more.

Save On Shipping

When you outsource shipping to an order fulfillment partner in Houston, you may be able to reduce overall shipping costs. These savings in turn save your customers money. How does it work? Order fulfillment companies often negotiate better shipping prices or earn discounts through partnerships.

Reach a Wider Market

Increasing e-commerce revenue means scaling your business. However, managing your e-commerce order fulfillment in-house might be holding you back from shipping internationally. Global fulfillment is complicated, but order fulfillment companies know how to handle obstacles like customs and duties.

Improve Quality Control

E-commerce order fulfillment services have quality control down to a science. A top-tier fulfillment partner provides access to climate-controlled facilities and a multi-step quality assurance process. Knowing that your products will be stored, handled, and shipped properly provides peace of mind to both you and your customers.

Optimize Your Time

In-house order management is time-consuming. Partnering with an e-commerce order fulfillment service empowers you to focus on other daily operations. This could increase your marketing budget, bolster on-the-ground sales, and improve customer service. No matter how you use that extra time, you’ll be closer to your goals.

Watertight e-commerce order fulfillment requires expertise. By trusting an order fulfillment company with your shipping needs, you’re setting the foundation for growth. FulfillPlus offers fulfillment, warehousing, order processing, and more, all tailored to your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our order fulfillment services in Houston.