How Can Order Fulfillment Services Help You Retain Customers

How Can Order Fulfillment Services Help You Retain Customers

Developing the right business model for your company can mean the difference between failure and achieving success. When it comes to customer retention, approximately 57% of all customers state that they would not use a retailer again after receiving three or more late orders, according to Bringg. If you are in the business of selling products, consider order fulfillment services in your quest to retain customers. Using an order fulfillment service provides numerous benefits whether you are selling just a few products or if you are interested in expanding your catalog to hundreds of thousands of products.

Receiving and Warehousing

Using an order fulfillment solution provides you with the opportunity to send your product(s) directly to your chosen fulfillment provider's warehouse. Once your products are received, they will be carefully labeled and stored in the warehouse for picking, packing, and shipping at a later time.

Inventory Management and Monitoring

An order fulfillment service also provides ongoing inventory management and monitoring. This removes the burden off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus more on marketing and driving sales. Rather than manually monitoring the inventory of individual items, the order fulfillment service will complete this task for you.

Picking and Packing

Once an order has been placed, the employees of an order fulfillment service will work to pick and begin to pack the products that have been chosen.


After an order has been successfully picked and packed, the order fulfillment service will then ship the order for you to your customer. This eliminates the need to manage all of your inventory manually while also eliminating the need to print individual shipping labels for all of the orders you receive.

Opting for order fulfillment services is highly recommended for those who prefer a managed system and solution for their eCommerce store or brand today. The right order fulfillment service will not only help to ensure your products are handled and delivered within a timely manager, but they will assist in streamlining your overall management process.

Are you thinking of selling products and want to ensure your items are managed properly and delivered on time? We can help. For more information on order fulfillment services, give us a call today.