How to Keep Up With Online Orders


Tips for Keeping Up with Online Orders

Online shopping has become more commonplace than ever with more than 57% of online shoppers making an international purchase in the past six months alone. Out of all of those purchases made, 45.5% of them came directly from North America, according to Shopify. For those who have their own online store or are thinking of building an eCommerce store, there are a few ways to keep up with the orders as they begin to roll in.

Create a Regular Schedule

Building your own business requires discipline and commitment. It's important to establish a working routine and schedule that meshes well with the order schedule you're on. Creating a work schedule is extremely helpful to avoid missing out on orders or allowing them to pile up. Working on your own can be extremely freeing when it comes to flexibility, but only once you have established yourself enough to have the help necessary by your side.

Use the Right CMS

Using the right CMS, or Content Management System, can go a long way when managing your eCommerce store and online orders. Whether you choose to use a system such as WooCommerce, designed for WordPress, or a third-party solution such as Shopify, be sure to take time to compare your options.

Consider Working With a Distribution Warehouse

If you're dealing with inventory on your own and it's becoming overwhelming, one option to consider is to work with a distribution warehouse. A distribution warehouse helps to fill the gap between receiving and fulfilling orders. With a warehouse available to send your products to, you can spend more time focusing on what matters most when it comes to building and scaling up your business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Another option to consider is to hire a virtual assistant to help with the management of your incoming orders. A virtual assistant will be familiar with the platform you have chosen to use for your website's eCommerce store. They will also have an understanding of the tasks at hand and what is required of them in order to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Keeping up with online orders does not have to feel overwhelming or confusing, especially with the proper CMS in place and a distribution warehouse available when necessary. With the right tools and resources, learn to manage and keep up with online orders in any market or niche. Give us a call today for more information!