Is our FBA Alternative Right for Your Needs

Is our FBA Alternative Right for Your Needs

Did you know that, according to DataReportal, each week over 58% of internet users buy something online? Day in and day out, online shoppers buy products and services. Many small businesses have found lots of success by catering to Internet shoppers. Yet order fulfillment remains a challenge for businesses big and small.

One obvious solution is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). While this program has helped countless businesses manage their inventory and order fulfillment, it's smart to consider all your options. Many businesses will find that they could be better served by FBA alternatives.

Competition Drives Down Prices

One of the best things about the Internet is that it has encouraged competition. According to the basic principles of economics, competition will drive down prices. When it comes to order fulfillment, multiple choices can help lower costs while also potentially increasing the quality of service provided.

FBA is a powerful service, but it can also be quite expensive. For small businesses already operating on tight margins, FBA could cut deep into profits. Even if you're generating a lot of revenue, if you're not making profits, you may find yourself in an untenable position.

Diversification and Diversity Reduce Risks

Amazon has come under fire for cutting off merchants from FBA and other programs. Some businesses have been banned from selling on Amazon's website, for example. Often, merchants aren't even given a satisfactory reason for why they've been banned. The fact is, when one party holds most of the power, other parties are at risk.

Fortunately, if a business is banned, it can find order fulfillment alternatives to FBA. Many businesses are even taking a proactive approach. They might use FBA to fulfill some orders and manage some stock while using an alternative to manage other orders and portions of their inventory.

This way, if there's a problem with one fulfillment service, the merchant will already have an alternative in place. This could reduce disruptions and may prove to be the difference between success and failure for many companies.

Never Forget Quality

Quality can be just as important, if not more so, than price. Consumers expect quality, and with shipping, that means speed and also ensuring that the goods shipped are well protected. Amazon has a lot on its plate, and managing everything can be difficult. An FBA alternative may offer higher-quality service, which will help businesses keep their customers happy.

Looking for an FBA order fulfillment alternative? Get in touch, and we'd be happy to further explore the potential benefits of your ambitions.