Overseas Orders: What to Know About International E-Commerce Fulfillment ?

What to Know About International E-Commerce Fulfillment

When it comes to customer satisfaction, order fulfillment plays a key role. Quick fulfillment is a hallmark of good customer service. According to Shopify, 57% of online shoppers have placed an international order, and about 45.5% of those orders originate in North America. Here is what you need to know about international fulfillment.

Knowledge Is Power

One of the key reasons that international order fulfillment can be tricky is that the shipping rules vary from country to country. You must be well-informed about import requirements. You must understand the customs process and the duties that you are responsible for. A mistake in these areas could greatly delay processing.

Each country may have different rules you must follow. It can be a lot to keep up with. Most small businesses use a fulfillment company to manage their overseas orders.

Varying Shipping Speeds

Carrier options for international shipping are another consideration. Developing relationships with different carriers to manage your shipping needs can be time-consuming. Additionally, if you are new to international shipping, there is a learning curve when deciding which carrier is the most reliable.

Unfortunately, making the wrong carrier choice can mean long delays in shipping your goods. It can also mean customers who leave scathing reviews about your business. It would be best if you worked with trusted fulfillment partners.

Secure, Compliant Packaging

International shipping compliance is not limited to customs regulations and duties; packaging is another matter that requires compliance. Your goods must be packaged properly for security purposes and protection and to specific standards set by the receiving country. Packaging can be complicated for overseas order fulfillment.

International shipping and fulfillment is a multifaceted process. It can not be easy to navigate on your own. Large corporations have entire teams dedicated to managing international fulfillment. Most smaller businesses rely on a partner to manage their orders.

Ensuring your international customers get their orders quickly and the goods arrive pristine is essential to building a positive e-commerce reputation. Getting the support you need to ensure your orders are well managed regardless of where they are traveling will help you grow your business and build a positive reputation. Call FulFillPlus today for the support you need to take the worry out of order fulfillment.